final project

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For our illustrator project I designed a skateboard. My hobby is baking, I could bake all day long. My Favorite thing is making chocolate cream cheese cupcakes, yum. Its always been a fantasy of mine that when we all get to heaven there’s a bunch of cupcakes lined up and that was my inspiration.


For the background; I drew out the skateboard with the pen tool and created the guides. Then filled it with a baby pink. I used the eclipse tool to make a circle, went to the stroke, increased the weight and added a dash. I selected the stroke with the pink board and make a clipping mask. I used the same technique on the front side board but replaced one of the pinks with deck tape texture.


For the girl; I sketched a simple girl on some note paper and then used that to draw it in illustrator. I didn’t scan it in, I just used the sketch as a reference.


For the cupcake; I used a picture to work on top of and trace it with the pen tool. I used the same cupcake for the front side and with the live paint tool, made my favorite chocolate cream cheese cupcake.


To complete the look, the text reads,”They serve cupcakes in heaven”.


lab #6

i chose option A because ive never tried illustrator out before but its actually pretty darn fun!

peppermill mightymontag2 tictactoe


lab 5

FIREHOUSECHILIflag restaurantlogo VANISH


week 3 labs

firetruck fireturckcolorized zd-logo portfolioproject


week 3

cdcoverFor my cd cover homework i decided to go with a paper doll idea. I selected the little girl and her items from a vintage paper doll image. i adjusted the levels to take out the yellowed look, made the girl a smart layer, sharpened her edges and resized her. i added an elipse behind her legs trying to make it look like a stand. With the dresses i dropped shadows as a layer style. I applied the cutout filter to the stuffed dog layer, the tea set, the bow, and both dresses. i then merged the dog, the bow and  the tea set layers together. For type i put in “cut along edges..” and pasted scissors above. I also put in the title “skip along” with a satin layer style. and lastly, i put in the artist name, “lenka”. Each letter was cut, copied, and pasted in separately, resized, and i readjusted the hues to where i liked them. and i believe thats all it took to create this image, excluding the 5 other versions it took to get here lol!


week 2 labs

coffeecover cutecats music store2 musicstorecopy




My name’s jenni. I just started my first semester at ASU so im really excited! The best thing in my life is my baby girl, adalie. Shes 7 months and ready to start walking lol. I cant wait to  start class!!

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